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Aadenian Ink

Exciting Times

We’re delighted to announce that 2014 is finally seeing us open our doors to General Fiction Submissions. Not only this, but we are in the process of launching not one but two new imprints, Astrid Press – dedicated to all things Fantasy and Science Fiction – and Cheshire Cat Books – the home of the […]

The Wheel of Time Series, by Robert Jordan


There is nothing better than a really good book. If you’re of a certain mindset, there is nothing better than a really good Fantasy book. Fantasy takes many forms, and there are elements of Fantasy in many genres. Indeed there is often heated debate in both the reading and writing communities as to exactly what […]

Submissions Open

Closings and Openings

The summer is in full swing (and for once it's a warm one here in England), and we have a few happenings to report. The end of July saw the closing of our virtual doors to submissions for our Gothic/Steampunk fusion anthology, All The Night-Tide, due out at the end of December. We have an […]