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We are pleased to announce that we are now officially OPEN for Fiction Submissions!

Before you jump the gun and email us everything you have ever written, please take a few moments to read through our guidelines. Aädenian Ink is happy to accept unsolicited manuscripts, meaning you do not have to have an agent in order to send us your work. As a result of this, we have set out THREE SIMPLE SUBMISSION RULES to help guide you in your submission and aid us in finding the cream of the crop. We cannot stress enough how important it is that your submit your work IN THE CORRECT FORMAT. Anything that does not follow our guidelines TO THE LETTER will not be read. Do not miss out on this chance for the sake of failing to follow the very simply SUBMISSION RULES we have put in place.


Rule Number 1:

Make sure your work falls into at least one of the GENRES we publish. It’s perfectly fine if it straddles more than one, or is mainly one of our genres but includes elements of other genres which we do not publish. For example, Hazel Butler’s Chasing Azrael is predominantly a Gothic novel with heavy Supernatural/Paranormal elements. In addition to this however, it also contains elements of the Crime and Thriller genres, neither of which we publish. If you think you have something which fits but you’re not sure, please do EMAIL with a query to check on

Bellow is a list of the genres we DO publish:

Aadenian Ink Genres

If your work DOESN’T fit into any of these genres, please do not send it to us. You may however find that it DOES fall into one of the genres published by our other imprints:

Astrid Press

Astrid Press publishes the following genres:

Astrid Press Genres

Cheshire Cat Books

Cheshire Cat Books publishes the following genres:

Cheshire Cat Books Genres


Rule Number 2:

Please only submit your work to us once it is COMPLETE. We do not want to receive the opening chapters of a novel and then find there is no more written yet. Please do not send us a synopsis and sample chapters. If you are submitting work to us, submit it IN FULL, in the following format:

  • EMAIL US on with the subject heading SUBMISSION / TITLE / AUTHOR.
  • Write a BRIEF COVERING LETTER in your email including YOUR NAME and a SHORT BIOGRAPHY, along with a ONE PAGE PLOT SYNOPSIS and a SINGLE SENTENCE SUMMARY of your piece. You should also include the word count and whether it is a stand alone piece or part of a series. DO NOT send any of this as an attachment.
  • Attach ONE FILE to your email containing your COMPLETE manuscript.
  • Ensure you have FULLY PROOFREAD your manuscript before sending it. While the occasional typographical error is understandable we do not expect to receive manuscripts filled with grammatical errors and poorly punctuated sentences.


Rule Number 3:

Be patient. We are very busy and it may take some time for us to look at your submission and get back to you. Please do not send follow up emails checking if we got the original – as long as you got the email address right and it appears in your own Sent box, we got the original. Please do not email to remind us to look at your submission. We haven’t forgotten about it, we simply haven’t had chance to look at it yet. We will look at it as soon as we can, but since the exact time frame varies depending on a number of factors we are not setting a particular limit on how long it might take for your to hear from us. We realise this is frustrating – honestly, we do, we’ve been there – however this is something you need to get used to. PATIENCE is the best virtue you can have in this business!


And that’s it! Follow these three simple rules and we promise, we will take a look at your manuscript and get back to you as soon as possible.


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