The Art Books – FAQs

Are these commercial projects?

Yes. The purpose of these books is to get the work of talented artists ‘out there’, not to make money, however they are commercial ventures and will hopefully recoup the outlay and, at some point, turn a profit.

Will I be paid for my work?

Due to the small nature of the project and the large number of artists and images involved, the short answer is no. Hopefully at some point we’ll be in a position to provide all participating artists with a copy of the books in which their work is featured. Any other revenue generated by the projects will go back into promoting them and future art books.

Will I be credited for my work?

Of course you will! It is actually a sad testament to the modern world that so many of you feel the need to ask this question.

Will my stock artists and models be credited?

Yes. They will not be credited by the piece itself, but there will be an appendix to the book, giving full details of all contributors, including stock artists, models, photographers, and anyone else whose work directly contributed to your own. For this reason, you will need to provide us with details of these things.

Am I handing over my copyright?

NO! The copyright on all images remains strictly with the artists. The only thing you will need to hand over is your written consent to have the agreed upon images published. You will be asked to sign a standard Artist Release form indicating that you have granted permission, that you have obtained all necessary third party permissions yourself (from stock artists, models etc. for each and every image), and that you understand your work may be used on the website and Facebook sites for promotional purposes.

What is the release for?

The Artist’s Release is a standard agreement signed by yourself granting Aädenian Ink permission to publish your work in a commercial book. It states that you understand how your work will be used, have ensured you have previous permission from all third parties (stock artists, models etc.), and agree to your work being used for promotion of the books if needed.

Can you still publish my work if one of the stock artists says no?

No, we can’t. You have to remember that in these cases your work is based on their work, and we respect that. Just as we must seek your permission to publish your work, you must seek their permission before allowing it to be used in any commercial way. Most stock artists are happy for their work to be used non-commercially for pretty much any purpose, or they wouldn’t be stock artists, but a lot of them feel that if their work is used commercially, they should be paid for it. You are, of course, free to pay them in exchange for permission, but that is up to you, not Aädenian Ink.

How many of my pieces will you publish?

This depends on how many of your pieces fit the themes of the books, and how many images we end up with for each section. Some of you have very long lists of images which would fit perfectly, but we simply don’t have room for them all! You will be told which of your images will be used once the final decisions have been made.

Will I get a copy of the book?

If at all possible, yes, but this will only happen if/when the book has generated enough revenue to provide every participating artist with a copy no matter how many of their images are used. This may seem slightly unfair to those who have multiple images in the book and feel they are more entitled to a copy, but if we start trying to judge where to draw the line it’s going to get complicated, and upset people – we don’t want to do that.

At present we have been unable to give the artists involved in Out of the Dark a copy each. This is in large part due to unforseen costs incurred during the project, but also due to that fact that the book is so expensive to produce. Despite the retail price being quite high (£25.99) when you subtract printing costs and retail discounts, we make very little profit per copy. This means we have to sell a lot of books before the project had recouped the outlay made, and even more copies before enough has built up to cover the print and postage costs of 32 copies world wide. It is very important that you understand this from the outset, as it does mean that, although we will do if at all possible, you will likely never receive a free copy. You WILL however get to see your work in print, and will be able to buy 2 copies at cost price (the cost of printing and shipping to you).

I have more pieces I’m still working on, will you consider them?

Yes, anything sent in before 30th September 2014 will be considered. If you finish after that date you can email with a query, but the answer will most likely be no due to scheduling.

When will the books be released?

Our first volume, Out of the Dark, was released on 31st August 2013. The release date for our Steampunk volume has been provisionally set for 31st December 2014, however this may change due to a number of variables once submissions have closed. You will be updated on this as soon as it changes.

What form will the books be released in?

They will be released in hardback and eBook format. All participating artists will receive a free copy of the eBook. We also hope to be able to provide at least one free copy of the hardback version, however at this stage, that cannot be guaranteed. We will however allow the artists to buy up to two copies each, direct from us, at cost price.

What information do you need from me?

In addition to the release form we will need the agreed upon pieces of art, in high definition, without watermarks, along with a brief bio of yourself, and a description of each piece. Your bio should include your name, where you come from, how you got into art and what influences you. Your descriptions should be for each piece individually, and should include the medium used, any inspirations you may have had, and whatever you might think/feel about the piece. You will also need to send a complete list of third party contributors – models, stock artists, photographers – to be included in the appendix.

Can I buy my own copy?

Yes! Buy as many copies as you want!

Are there any other art projects going on that I can get involved with?

Aädenian Ink is currently working on a number of projects, including illustrated books and further art books. We will be in need of cover artists in the future and may contact those of you whose work fits our requirements to see if you’re available. In the interim, if you have any projects of your own you think we might be interested in (a book of your own artwork, picture books, or even illustrated fiction if you’re also a budding writer), please email a proposal, or a sample of an existing work, to

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