Between the early 1930s and late 1949, an informal literary group named the Inklings met at a pub in Oxford. This group included literary icons of Fantasy such as Tolkien, C.S Lewis, Roger Lancelyn Green, along with Nevill Coghill, Adam Fox. Since we have such a prominent interest in Fantasy here at Aädenian Ink, and since the ‘Ink’ in our name is actually in reference to this group, it seemed only appropriate that our artists and authors be referred to as such. Here you will find brief bios on all who work with us, along with links to their own sites and other works.

Our Authors

Aiyana JacksonAiyana Jackson is an English author who writes almost exclusively in the Steampunk and High Fantasy genres. Her love of books is extensive, but when it comes to writing she likes to craft elaborate worlds of magic and mischief. Heavily influenced by writers such as Robin Hobb, Brandon Sanderson, Tolkien, Lewis, Caroll, Philip Pullman, Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, China Mieville and Scott Westerfeld, her own style has developed out of an appreciation of the classics and a love of the profoundly modern.


Andrea Lake is a mature student, studying at the University of Leeds on an English Language and Literature Bachelor’s Degree course.  She is married with three children and a dog, as well as three cats who decided to live with them and join in the mayhem. She enjoys writing poetry and reading a lot of fiction, especially the Gothic genre, but loves Dystopian fiction: somehow, the macabre darkness of Gothic seems like fantasy when compared with the truly awful things that humanity does to each other.

A redhead with a redheaded attitude, Charie D. La Marr lives in NY with her family. Charie is primarily known as a ghost-writer in the field of sports, mostly baseball. She is currently working to establish herself as an author in her own name, and has created a genre called Circuspunk. Her collection of short stories in this genre, Bumping Noses and Cherry Pie, was published with Chupa Cabra in 2013. She also has upcoming stories in Alex S. Johnson’s heavy metal anthology Axes of Evil; Shwibly Magazine; James Ward Kirk’s Bones and Ugly Babies; In Vein for the benefit of St. Jude’s Hospital; Chupa Cabra’s We Walk Invisible; Dynatox Ministries’ Witches! and other anthologies. She was September’s featured writer at Solarcide and is known for writing in many different genres, including crime, bizarre, erotica and even Seussian. She is currently editing a Circuspunk anthology called The New Whakazoid Circus—the Greatest Show on Paper.

Hazel ButlerHazel Butler is a twenty eight year old author, artist and archaeologist from Cheshire, England. She is currently in the final year of her PhD, which focuses on Gender Dynamics in Late Iron Age and Early Medieval Britain. She has been studying archaeology since she was sixteen, attending The University of Manchester for her Undergraduate course in Ancient History and Archaeology, then Bangor University for an MA in Celtic Archaeology and on to her PhD. She spent two years between her MA and PhD doing Corporate archaeology and research excavations, both in Britain and in Austria, and has two papers published in international journals.

Since 2010 she has been working on a series of Gothic Literary novels, the first of which, Chasing Azrael, is due for release in April. While her primary interests are in Gothic and Fantasy art and fiction, she reads a wide range of subjects and enjoys most forms of art. She also has a great love of dogs, and her King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, Dexter (yes, after the serial killer), is her near-constant companion. Hazel is currently the only Inkling who is both and Author and Artist at Aädenian Ink.

Jay WilburnJay Wilburn lives with his wife and two sons in the swamps of coastal South Carolina. He has written a number of Steampunk and Southern Gothic stories. His novels includeLoose Ends and Time Eaters. Follow his many dark thoughts at and @AmongTheZombies on Twitter.


Kenneth Sebastian is a former Southern gentleman and gambler who lives in New York City with his wife and son and recently completed work on a Gilded Age epic about mermaids. He studied Anthropology at the City College of New York and social activism at the University of the Streets on Tompkins Square. He speaks fluent Spanish, and enjoys coffee. Edgar Allan Poe has long been a morbid obsession.

Ray DeanRay Dean was born and raised in Hawaii, where she spent many a quiet hour reading and writing stories. Performing in theatre and working backstage led her into the delights of Living History. Creating her own worlds through writing seemed the next logical step, or rather, an illogical step, but she’s not complaining. The genre of Steampunk has allowed her to play in a history created from her own imagination, opening up vast frontiers to explore.


Regina Hansen

Regina Hansen teaches at Boston University and is a writer and scholar of the fantastic. Her recent publications include Roman Catholicism in Fantastic Filmand the forthcoming “Supernatural”, Humanity and the Soul: On the Highway to Hell and Back. She has written and reviewed for Science Fiction Film and Television and The Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts and is a frequent contributor to the American children’s magazines Calliope and Dig, writing mostly on supernatural subjects. She has also contributed to the Ashgate Encyclopedia of Literary and Filmic Monsters, including an entry on angels which helped her to conceive the topic for the story “The Horn of Israfel.” As a fiction writer, Regina has received the Massachusetts Cultural Council’s Artist Grant for fiction and was a PEN New England Children’s Book Caucus “Discovered” writer. This is her first published story. Regina is a lifelong lover of supernatural fiction and film. She started reading Poe at the age of 9 when she ordered a collection of his stories from the Scholastic Book Club. She was born on Prince Edward Island, Canada, and grew up in Montreal and the Boston area. She lives in Somerville, Massachusetts, with her husband, three children, one chinchilla and one hedgehog.


Our Artists

Ana Cruz is a digital artist from Portugal. Her special taste for the dark, gothic and dramatic art soon compelled her to transform her hobby into her profession. A self-taught artist since 2005, Ana went on to gain a degree in Graphic Design and Arts, in order to expand her knowledge, and refine her taste and artistic skills for the dark arts she’s so passionate about.

‘The best way to express myself, to express my soul, is through my art’, says the artist.

Ana’s biggest inspirations are her own secret realms, her deepest emotions and feelings. Ana’ constantly strives to perfect her style, and her art captures dream worlds, each with a story to which someone can always relate. International puzzle and calendar companies, publishers, authors, bands and record labels are just some of the vast number of clients with whom Ana has worked, and her client and fan base is ever-expanding.

Andi Gordon is an alternative fashion and concept photographer, whose company, Dark Romantics Photography, specialises in alternative fashion and concept photography. From period-inspired gothica to Japanese Lolita and decora, from the bold and colourful to the dark and disturbing.

Debra Mason is a digital artist working out of Toronto, Canada.  She’s been doing art for as long as she could hold a crayon, but it was when she discovered Photoshop several years ago that her creativity really took off.

Denitsa Dimitrova is a photographer and digital artist from Varna, Bulgaria. She speaks several languages, including Bulgarian, English, German and Russian, and enjoys writing in addition to her art.

Evelinn Enoksen lives in Norway with her husband and children. She’s a Norwegian, but has roots in New Zealand. Coming from a long line of writers and artists she was encouraged from an early age to explore these talents. Her parents often criticised her work when she was young and dared her to do better. Because of that, she has always striven for perfection.

Evelinn has a great love of fantasy and science fiction and grew up watching Star Trek and reading Asimov, and sees now how much her past has influenced her present, and will continue to do so in the future. She finds inspiration in everything, andhas always been drawn to what is dark and mysterious, ominous and occult, although she’s not sure why; she considers herself to be a very happy person, and wonders if it is her darker side that influences her creativity, working as a kind of therapy. She says, ‘There are few things more fun in life than being able to create.’

Her debut novel, Guardians of Evion, was released in 2013.

Digital artist, film director and crafter, Francesca Rizzato was born in Italy, where she lives and works in a local graphic design studio. Since she was a child, she had a passion for art, a passion that has grown with her until today. Now it is something she couldn’t live without, because it’s the most easy and beautiful way to express herself, painting her dreams and fantasies without limits.

Hazel Butler is an archaeologist, author and artist, currently in the final year of her PhD. She enjoys a wide range of art and fiction, but especially loves the Gothic, Steampunk and Fantasy genres.

Hedieh Entekhabi is a digital artist from the United Arab Emirates.

Jeannie Ann Numos is a freelance Graphic Artist from the Philippines. She has been involved in digital arts mainly, photo manipulation, for over three years, and has a profound love of art, which has always been a significant aspect of her life.

Jenny Laatsch is a freelance graphic artist working out of Milwaukee, WI.  She has a degree in Graphic Design Multimedia and has been doing digital art since 2009.  She enjoys creating a mixture of dark, fantasy, emotional, and sci-fi art and pushing the limits and learning new skills with each new piece.

Jessica Allain is a digital artist as well as a traditional artist. She loves all forms of art but is especially attracted to fantasy based art themes, bold colours and interesting concepts.

Jessica Dueck is a digital and design artist born in Asuncion, Paraguay, with a German/Canadian father and a Paraguayan mother. She’s the middle of three siblings. She started digital art at 15. Most of the themes and colours she creates come from dreams or nightmares she has, many times after reading a book or watching a film, waking up in the middle of the night to write down what she dreamed before she forgets. She loves to read novels by Christine Feehan. She is also a photographer and dress designer.

Julija Lichman is a Sydney based photographer and digital artist, specialising in dark and fantasy themes.

Karelys Rodriguez is a digital artist born and raised in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. She started as a traditional artist in her early years, discovering her love and passion for art. She started working with photomanipulation and digital art in 2011, starting her journey as a self-taught artist. Her vision shows her inclination towards dark and fantasy worlds with secret realms and surreal characters that come to life through her works. Her inspiration mostly comes from music, movies, literature, fairy tales, biblical symbolisms and stories, and her own personal

Liliana Sanches is a digital artist from Lisbon, Portugal. In her work, she focuses on the harmony and balance in her compositions, and expressing her own feelings, and planting a seed in the viewer’s mind that would linger.

Liran Szeiman is based in Barcelona, currently working in the digital gaming industry. Although her education was in Graphic Design, a few years ago she discovered digital painting and joined Hysterical Minds, which was a turning point to fully dedicate to illustration, oriented towards the Dark Art and Surrealism Pop.

Her work moves through dark worlds in search of beauty and vice versa, recreating worlds of dreams, feelings and memories of childhood, in a terrifyingly sweet way.

Luciana Lebel is a Brazilian digital artist.

Luz Tapia is a self-taught digital artist and illustrator from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since she was a child she felt a special love for drawing that made her try different mediums to express herself: acrylics, pencils, charcoal, pastel, chalk, etc. By 2010 she discovered the world of digital art and began making photo manipulations, a medium that she immediately loved, which then led her to venture into the world of digital painting.

Her technique was developing slowly until she achieved a semi-realistic fantasy style with a surreal, emotional and childish touch. Lighting is a very important factor of her works, playing with them to increase the drama and emotions of the image, also achieving a dreamlike environment (interest that was aroused by studying the Impressionist art in her high school years).

Telling stories through pictures was always one of her goals, adding details that can help enrich and deepen it.

Currently, she is studying graphic design to expand her knowledge and to polish her artistic skills.

Maria Amanda Schaub is an alternative model from Denmark and a fan favourite in Gothic circles. She is known for her waifish frame, platinum hair, and heavy black makeup, as well as her sense of style. She enjoys Gothic, Punk, Lolita, Fantasy and Cosplay shoots above all else.

Nicolene van Staden started her own business in 2009 and has grown from strength to strength each year. She creates digital art by means of photo manipulation and painting, and loves designing book covers and artwork. Her work has been featured in ‘Photoshop Magazine’ and she has been awarded ‘Digital Artist of the Week’ on Model Mayhem several times. Her own limited edition artbook will be released in 2013 and will include some of her most engaging creations. She hopes people enjoy her art as much as she enjoys creating it.

Raphael Dabadie is a French self-taught graphic designer who has been working with photo manipulations for about three years. His universe consists of all things Gothic, fantastic and enchanting

Renu Sharma is a self-employed, fine artist from India.

Rick Sazon lives in Powell River, BC, Canada, where, to escape the drudgery, he draws, writes and plays music.

Roser Portella (or Rose) comes from a small island in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, Menorca.

As a very small child she was already showing a passion for art. As a teen she got into manga/anime style drawing and developed an admiration for all kinds of art, and has tried her hand at different mediums, such as ceramics, oil painting and jewellery making, however, digital art and Photomanopulation has become her new passion. She gets most of her influence from her own homeland: the green forests, the sunny days and starry nights, the ever blue ocean. She’s alsoan avid reader and a lover of Celtic and new age music. Her pieces usually reflect the mood she’s in at the moment she creates them.


Sarah Jones grew up in the countryside in England. Although she loved being among trees and fields, she was often bored from living far away from her friends and would spend the evenings using her vivid imagination to draw interesting characters and make up stories in her head. After studying in London, Sarah still works there as a freelance storyboard artist and illustrator.

Traditional media is a strong theme in Sarah’s work and the importance of being expressive with materials. Sarah feels having a handmade quality to her work is really important in a world that is quite saturated with digital styles and enjoys making a mess with inks!

Silviya Yordanova is a self-taught digital artist from Bulgaria. Her works are always a mixture of concept, emotion and a drop of darkness. Photo manipulation has become a very important part of her and since she began doing it she’s been trying to evolve her skills as much as she can. At first it all started as a hobby but in time it became much more. She found that through it, many opportunities opened. Her passion lies in creating art, trying to make the world a better and beautiful place by expressing herself through it. She’s had the pleasure to work with many authors, photographers, publishing houses and even had the amazing opportunity to work with and have her work featured in quite a few international magazines.

Svenja Rosbach is a German photographer, specialising in Gothic and Fantasy work.

Thomas Lavelle grew up in Boston, MA and the surrounding area and is the oldest of six siblings. As a child he was intrigued by whatever type of fantasy, adventure, horror art, films or comics he could consume and this inspired him to learn how to draw his own characters. He attended the deCordova Art school in Lincoln, MA, and worked mostly in the health and fitness field in his earlier years then gradually became more serious about art and design in his later thirties and early forties, and became involved with several community web galleries which was a great learning and developing experience being able to interact with and learn from many artists. He currently works as a freelance general artist and illustrator, commercial graphic designer and traditional medium portrait artist with a preference for mixed mediums involving  Fantasy and Gothic themes.

Tim Lord is a traditional UK artist who tries to convey all aspects of life in his work:  beauty and pain, fear and joy, life and death.

Veronika Lozovaya is a self-taught artist who designs and creates Gothic cats and dolls.

Whendell de Souza Lira lives in Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil. He has always been passionate about all forms of art. He loves to create different and impossible things; with Photoshop it is possible for anything to become a reality. He is inspired by music, films, people and especially the beauty of nature. He is currently at college studying graphic design,

Yasemin Karaca is a freelance photographer and digital artist studying Visual Communication Design at Istanbul Bilgi University in Turkey.

My inspirations are fantasy, gothic and dark elements. Steampunk is another movement that I am heavily interetsed in. 


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