Death Becomes Me by Hazel Butler

Death Becomes Me & Chasing Azrael News

With Chasing Azrael storming the charts on Amazon we thought it was about time we introduced you to a couple of new things concerning Hazel Butler’s Deathly Insanity Series. First and foremost, you will notice the cover of Chasing Azrael has changed. Yes, Hazel finally won and we’ve done away with the old cover. If […]


Music Review: Hydra, Within Temptation

The greatly-anticipated Hydra finally arrived in February, and it does not disappoint. Splendidly packaged within a booklet of stunning photography, including some candid behind-the-scenes shots of the band, and a second disc of no less than eight bonus tracks, those of us lucky enough to lay our hands on the Deluxe Edition were certainly in […]

Aadenian Ink

Exciting Times

We’re delighted to announce that 2014 is finally seeing us open our doors to General Fiction Submissions. Not only this, but we are in the process of launching not one but two new imprints, Astrid Press – dedicated to all things Fantasy and Science Fiction – and Cheshire Cat Books – the home of the […]


Steampunk Competition

To celebrate the fact that our first novella, Encante, has now been out for four whole months we’ve decided to run a Steampunk themed competition. Entry is very simple: Review the book. Now, let us be clear here, where we say review, we really do mean REVIEW. We would like you to read the book and […]

Non Compliance

The Return of Non-Compliance

I used to matter… but now I’m just a girl in a ghetto, a statistic of the Non-Compliance Sector.  There is great excitement here at AI, as the sequel to Paige Daniels’ excellent Non-Compliance: The Sector is soon to be released. We absolutely loved the first installment in this cyberunk series of awesomeness, which was gritty, […]


The Best of Steampunk Television . . .

You are cordially invited to partake in discussions about your favourite Steampunk TV shows. From Anime to Firefly to Torchwood, anything goes; if you think it's Steampunk and you love it, tell us why!    Over on our Facebook page, for the whole of Octover, we will be hosting a discussion about Steampunk in television. […]

Out of the Dark - Preview

The Cost of Doing Business …

We are one day away from the launch of our first book here at Aädenian Ink and I have to say, the road has not been easy! Out of the Dark was a labour of love. The finished product is, if we do say so ourselves, stunning, however there were some unexpected hurdles, for which we feel […]

Homunculus, Lord Kelvin's Machine and The Aylesford Skull, by James P. Blaylock

Review: Homunculus, by James P. Blaylock

    2013 has seen the re-release of a hallmark novel in the Steampunk genre, by the near-legendary James P. Blaylock.  Homunculus, originally published in 1986, was revamped by Titan Books along with Blaylock’s 1992 novel Lord Kelvin’s Machine, after the release of The Ayelsford Skull , the 7th instalment in the Narbondo series (aka […]