Exciting Times

Astrid PressWe’re delighted to announce that 2014 is finally seeing us open our doors to General Fiction Submissions. Not only this, but we are in the process of launching not one but two new imprints, Astrid Press – dedicated to all things Fantasy and Science Fiction – and Cheshire Cat Books – the home of the Graphic representations of all genres covered by both Aädenian Ink and Astrid Press. You may also have noticed that, in the process of creating our new imprints, there have been a few changes to this one, in particular a new logo.

Cheshire Cat Books

In addition to having opened for General Submissions, we have also launched a very exciting poll ahead of the announcement of our next anthology. This is your chance to have a say in exactly what form that anthology will take. The anthology itself is going to come in a very different format (more on that later), but we are also going for something a little different in terms of theme. There will be four main characters for this anthology, two male, two female, all humanoid. HOWEVER, they will all have certain supernatural/paranormal attributes associated with a particular creature. The creatures we have chosen are, for the most part, not normally seen as human form beings, so this should be quite interesting. We wanted to keep things as different as possible, so we’ve avoided the standard options like Vampire, Werewolf, Witch and Wizard, and gone for some less well known (but equally cool) creatures like a Banshee, Harpy, Cambion, and Lamia. There are a couple of more familiar tropes, such as Dragon, Phoenix, and Time Traveller. The poll has eleven options, select your vote carefully. The top four creatures will be attributed to our four feature characters which means you, our readers and potential authors, will have directly chosen what you most want to read about in this new collection. Keep an eye on our Facebook page and on here for further updates, and don’t forget to VOTE!

And that’s it! Happy writing!

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