The Cost of Doing Business …

We are one day away from the launch of our first book here at Aädenian Ink and I have to say, the road has not been easy! Out of the Dark was a labour of love. The finished product is, if we do say so ourselves, stunning, however there were some unexpected hurdles, for which we feel compelled to apologise.

First and foremost of these is the release date. We were initially set for release on the 31st July, however issues with the printers forced us to delay by a full month. We were, it has to be said, unhappy about this, and over the last month said printers have continued to drive us a little insane with their repeated mistakes leading to further setbacks. It was in fact only this morning (30th August) that I received the final proof copy of the book and was able to sign off on it. This is not the first proof I received, that arrived a couple of weeks ago and was not up to the standards we were expecting. The paper was of poor quality and consequently all our wonderful images were not as vibrant as they should have been. As a result, we upgraded to the Premium Colour printing service, with the highest quality paper. 

This has produced a book we are extremely proud of, however it has also increased the cost of production considerably. After an agonising decision looking at both versions of the book, we eventually decided to go with the more expensive version. This has, unfortunately, meant raising the price, as leaving it at £18.99 would actually have meant it was costing us £2 for every copy sold. The hardback version is now priced at £25.99, a steep increase but one which is reflected in the quality of the product. We hope this does not put you off buying it, since it is a beautiful book. We also would like to apologise sincerely for being unable to keep the price any lower. If, at some point, it is within our means to produce it to the same standard at a lower cost, we will do so and adjust the price accordingly. For the moment however, the price is set.

For those of you who have already pre-ordered the title at the original price of £18.99, rest assured, you will not be charged more. For the rest of you, we thought a sneaky peak at the finished product might help you see why we couldn’t settle for anything but the best.

In light of the unexpected issues we had with Out of the Dark, we have also taken another look at the 2013 schedule, and decided on a few changes. Encante, our first novella set in the delectable realm of the Fifteen Solars will still be released as planned on the 31st of October. We have however decided to push the release of Honour, our second novella, and this will now be released at the end of February 2014. All The Night-Tide currently remains on schedule for the end of December this year, and we have delayed Honour for such a long time so that we can ensure everything runs smoothly with the release of our first anthology. Once again, we apologise for this, however we would much rather have our books spot on, and a little later than anticipated, than rushed and not up to the standard you all deserve.


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