Closings and Openings

The summer is in full swing (and for once it's a warm one here in England), and we have a few happenings to report. The end of July saw the closing of our virtual doors to submissions for our Gothic/Steampunk fusion anthology, All The Night-Tide, due out at the end of December. We have an exciting stack of entries to read, and shall be getting in touch with all the lovely authors who spent time and effort crafting a story for us, just as soon as we have had a chance to read through all the entries.

Please, do be patient! We understand how frustrating the wait can be and will get back to you just as soon as we can!

We were hoping to have promotions for our first art book, Out of the Dark, in full swing by now as it was scheduled for release on 31st July. Unfortunately, due to circumstances that were out of our control, printing was delayed and we have had to push the release date back, to the 31st of August. The good news is, you can win yourself either one of two copies of the hardback book, or a limited edition bookmark, simply by logging into Facebook and doing two things:



It really is that simple. Everyone who follows these three steps will be in with a chance, and the winners will be announced as part of our launch celebrations in the beginning of September. We will be having a number of giveaways and competitions in the coming weeks, so keep your eye on our updates and make sure you don't miss out!

For those artists amongst you who missed out on being involved in the first book, fear not! Submissions are still open for our second art volume, and shall remain open until the end of October. If you are a Steampunk artist – of any form – and would like your work to be considered get in touch at Just introduce yourself and your artwork, and either send us a few sample pieces, or links to your sites so we can take a look.

And finally, for those of you who continue to get in touch about Fiction submissions, we remain closed to general submissions at this time HOWEVER, we will be opening the flood gates in the new year. If you think you have something that might interest us, here are a few points to bear in mind, so that you can polish up your existing work ready for submission, or perhaps even write something new, just for us:

  • We are primarily focussed on Gothic and Steampunk art and fiction, we are however still interested in other Alternative genres, including (but not limited to) general Fantasy and Science Fiction, Punk, Cyber Punk, Anime and Manga, and most forms of Otherkin. In general if it's a niche genre, we love it. 
  • We publish will be publishing both novellas (20-50K) and novels (50-c.150K), but please note these word counts are only rough guides. We will not be publishing short stories in any form other than anthologies, so if you have anything below 20K, please save it for future anthologies – if you do not think we will be doing an anthology in the genre of your story, get in touch! If there's a market for it, we will consider it!
  • If you are at all unsure as to whether or not we will be interested in your work, please feel free to email a query before hand. 
  • Submission guidelines will be posted when we open, make sure you follow these to the letter.

We can't wait to start reading your work, and we're even more excited about the releases that will be taking place between now and the New Year. If you want a look at our upcoming releases, check out the Publications page



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