Out of the Dark

Well my darlings, April has drawn to an end and with it we have closed submissions for our Gothic Art volume. Due to the lower influx of Steampunk artwork we have decided to leave submissions open a while longer, so anything you think may be of interest to us, do send it our way:  submissions@aadenianink.com.

We’re pleased to announce the title of our first art book shall be Out of the Dark, while the theme will focus on the beauty and serenity to be found in this genre’s supposedly black gloom. Gothic art is often given a bad name. We dislike this. We seek to set the record straight. We also seek to provide those of you who are already aware of how utterly spectacular this genre can be, with a book packed full of exceptional talent and unique work.

The artists involved are wide and varied, including those working in traditional mediums, photo manipulation, digital painting and straight – yet enigmatically imaginative – photography. We are also head over our heals with joy at the participation of the one and only Maria Amanda Schaub, perhaps the most well known model in Gothic circles and a talented photographer herself. The centre spread of the book will feature Maria’s specially selected, favourite pieces, of both art and photography in which she features, by a range of artists including Maria herself. Add to this Dark Alley and a few of Veronika Lozovaya’s Gothic Dolls and you can see why we’re so excited by the project.

We’ll keep you updated with news and the release date as soon as we can, in the meantime, keep those Steampunk submissions rolling in and don’t forget to check out our Edgar Allan Poe, Gothic/Steampunk fusion anthology, now also open for submissions!


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