Sneak peak at 2013…








2013 is, without a doubt, going to be an exciting year. With submissions for the art books still rolling in, and some exceptionally talented artists already involved we will not be short of pretty pictures to look at.


Some teasers on these exciting projects seemed only fair, and it is with extreme pleasure that I upload a couple of select delights from participating artists Luz Tapia, and Andi Gordon of Dark Romantics Photography. You can still submit your work by emailing but be sure to do so by 30th April, when submissions will close. As you can see we're accepting digital artwork and photography, we are also accepting traditional forms and a variety of other forms. 


While we remain closed to fiction submissions for the time being, submissions for our first anthology are now OPEN. For all the budding writers out there with a love of both Gothic and Steampunk, it's not to be missed! The premise for the anthology is very simple. We love Edgar Allan Poe, can't get enough of him, in fact we simply adore the man. So, we thought, what better theme for our first anthology than homage to one of the greatest Gothic writers who ever lived?

The challenge for those wishing to submit is simple: choose your favourite Poe poem, and write a short story based upon it. Be as creative as you can – you may want to tell the tale of the poem itself, but in prose rather than verse; you may wish to ponder the events leading to the situation unfolding within the verses, or explore what may have happened after the closing line. BUT, here's the twist. We don't just want an anthology of wonderfully Gothic, Poe-inspired yarns, we want you to re-imagine them, as Steampunk so often re-imagines Victorian London. Dig down into the underlying themes of these poems and figure out what makes them tick – explore the aspects of the Steampunk genre that go BEYOND the costumes and the gadgets we all love so much. We still want the costumes and the gadgets, but we want a little more too. We want a collection of stories that explore aspects of human nature, which reflect the well known style of Poe and his repeated topics, and also breathe new life into the narrative of his poems by transforming them into a Victoriana spectacular. Ensure your entries are no longer than 10,000 words and have been fully proof read before you send them in. We expect a high quality of both writing and editing, so please, take your time with them. Closing date is 30th June 2013.


We are also delighted to reveal the cover art for Honour, the first in a series of novellas set in the Fifteen Solars, Aiyana Jackson's dark, gritty and existential Steampunk Universe. Set on the scorching desert world of Hadyn, where water is worth more than gold and life is short, brutal and apparently meaningless, a nineteen year old girl takes it upon herself to change the destiny of her family by salvaging her own airship, technology that has not worked on Hadyn in a millennia. Honour is an action packed, dragon-riddled adventure to the very heart of humanity's most basic instincts: love and survival, no matter the cost.


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