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  • Out of the Dark: Contemporary Gothic Art

    With 32 contributing artists, over 200 images, and a sixteen page feature of fan-favourite Gothic model Maria Amanda Schaub, Out of the Dark is a spell-binding collection of art that is not to be missed.

  • Honour

    Grungy, gritty action from author Aiyana Jackson, Honour is the second of a series set in Steampunk multiverse The Fifteen Solars. Set on a world where water is currency, lives are short, and the suns are relentless in their punishing heat, Honour is a tale of unrequited love, and a quest for both salvation and redemption.

  • All The Night-Tide

    It's a Gothic/Steampunk fusion in All The Night-Tide, a collection of short stories based on the poems of Edgar Allan Poe, all with a Steampunk twist.

  • Chasing Azrael

    Most people run from the Angel of Death. A select few choose to chase him... First in a series of Gothic Urban Fantasies, Chasing Azrael is a ghostly tale of love, loss, and deadly obsessions.

  • Death Becomes Me

    Evelynn's life is dark, damaged, and full of secrets. And that was before her heart was stolen by a demon. Literally. Suddenly plunged into a world even more terrifying than that which she has stubbornly faced all her life, Evelynn has only one thing on her mind: finding Luke. No matter the cost.

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